Dear All

I am privileged to be Headteacher of Newbridge Primary School. Newbridge Primary School is very special - it is a place in which everyone wants to do their very best. It is a place of nurture, of achievement, of pride, of energy, of opportunity and of success. It is a place that thrives because of the degree to which people care.

It is a place where every day the children stand out. They are committed to their learning, they take on new opportunities to explore and create, they care for each other, they give back and have a desire to be the very best they can be. They are well-rounded individuals who move on with confidence to the next step in their education and they are children who make us proud.

There is an energy amongst the parents and carers that is epitomised in the thriving Newbridge Primary School Association. We rely on this support to aid the children’s learning and our positive working relationship is vitally important to the school being successful

The governing body is committed to supporting the work of the school through challenge, rigour and good relationships with the staff and the community. The school benefits from their skills and through their knowledge of the local community. They are united in wanting Newbridge to be the best it can be.

The skill, experience and commitment of the staff is outstanding at every level. We are a great team, who drive forward together and I know that every day the team provide the very best for our children. Newbridge is very fortunate to have a staff of this calibre and I hold them in high regard.

I care deeply about the children who attend Newbridge Primary School, the families and the wider Newbridge community. My philosophy and values have not changed since I started out in my career - I promote an ethos where everyone is valued, where everyone feels cared for and where everyone is happy.

In this environment, our aim is to offer a safe and inclusive environment, with the highest standards of teaching and the most inspiring opportunities for learning, facilitated by the whole school community working together.

Our vision is that Newbridge Primary School pupils will be academically and socially confident and that they will take their next steps as caring, creative and healthy young people who will actively and responsibly make a difference to our world.

As Headteacher, I am excited about what we know we can achieve at Newbridge Primary School and about what we don’t yet know is possible.

Newbridge is an excellent school and I wish everyone who is associated with it to be proud of their part in its successes.

Yours faithfully



 Gill Kennaugh



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