Grants & Funding


A large number of local and national charities, businesses and philanthropic individuals make funds available to support children's development in a variety of areas:

  • specific aspects of the curriculum e.g. science, sport
  • non-academic learning e.g. forest school
  • social & emotional wellbeing

 We are grateful to the following businesses and organisations who have provided grants & donations to fund events, activities and projects within school that we would not otherwise have been able to afford. 


Successful application for funding of this nature takes long-term planning, time & commitment from staff and volunteers. The timescales for funding mean that it is rarely possible to simply spot an opportunity and apply speculatively. Instead, we have a 5-year strategy for the school built around the concept of "Taking Learning Everywhere", focusing on the ways in which we can maximise our use of the school's extensive grounds to support the children's academic and pastoral development. We have identified specific site projects that support this long-term ambition, and we continue to look for funding opportunities that will enable us to deliver those projects. This approach ensures that we make best of use of the time of those volunteers who research and write the applications, and makes it far more likely that those applications will be successful.

Funding Opportunities

Could your employer help fundraise for the NPSA? Many employers offer matched funding where the organisation agrees to match, or put up a certain percentage, of the total fundraising an event raises.

If you come across information about a funding opportunity which you think might be relevant to us, please do email the details to However, please do also bear in mind that application for grants depends on a number of factors including the fit with the strategy outlined above, and the availability of a volunteer parent to complete the application in a timely fashion. Unfortunately it is not always possible or appropriate to apply for all the available funding. 

Could you help?

There are a number of parents within school who have a background in charities, fundraising, and bid-writing who try to ensure that we do apply for all relevant grants. If you feel your skills could be of use in this area, please get in touch with the NPSA at - your support would be very welcome.

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