The 100 Club

The 100 Club is a simple way to raise money for the NPSA and have fun at the same time.  

The 100 Club is a small society lottery, with 100 numbers in it. To apply for a number, please complete the form here.


How does it work?


Club members have one or two numbers allocated to them, at a cost of £2 per number per month, payable by standing order. There is a draw on the first Wednesday of each month (or, if that date falls in the school holidays, the first Wednesday of the new term) and three numbers are picked at random using Random Number Generator software (each draw is videoed – if you would like to see the video for a specific draw, please contact Each number receives a share of that month’s allocated prize fund.  

The amount in the prize fund varies depending on the payments received, but if all 100 numbers are allocated and all 100 payments received, the prizes are: 

1st prize: £25, 2nd prize: £10, 3rd prize: £5. 



How can I join?

There are three simple steps to joining The 100 Club. 


  • Complete the application form here. NB: you will need to provide your bank details so that we can pay any winnings via BACS. 
  • We will send you an email confirming your allocated number(s) with details for you to set up your monthly standing order. Please check your spam if you do not receive this email within a few days. 
  • You will need to set up your standing order as soon as possible. You will be entered in the draw from the month AFTER your first payment is received.  

You can read the detailed rules of The NPSA 100 Club below:


100 Club T&Cs



Draw dates for 2021: 

6th January: winning numbers 57, 38, 1 

3rd February: winning numbers 5, 67, 69 

3rd March: winning numbers 78, 31, 9 

7th April: winning numbers 79, 40, 6

5th May: winning numbers 79, 64, 55

9th June: winning numbers 20, 36, 66

7th July  winning numbers 43, 42, 55

8th September winning numbers 30, 74, 43 (August winning numbers 57, 15, 19) 

6th October winning numbers 56, 52, 20

3rd November winning numbers 77, 16, 18

3rd December winning numbers 37, 25, 68


Draw dates for 2022: 

January winning numbers 42, 78, 21

February winning numbers 17, 32, 70.

March winning numbers 63, 48, 54.

April winning numbers 68, 38, 16.

May winning numbers 20, 59, 24.

June winning numbers 67, 1, 59.

July winning numbers 2, 4, 25.

August winning numbers 67, 52, 23.

September winning numbers 66, 39, 15.

October winning numbers 53, 1, 81


Draw dates for 2023: 

April winning numbers 33, 50, 66



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